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Illinois Bass Fishing Coaches Association

In this collection we give back to the Illinois Bass Fishing Coaches Association. Elevan is committed to donating profits from this collection

-To create a scholarship for students participating within the Illinois Bass Fishing Coaches Association 

-As well as donate to the Association as a whole


The association aims to:

  • Promote interest, enthusiasm, and improvement in competitive youth bass fishing.

  • To provide education and opportunity for involvement for every coach in our association.

  • We want to help coaches start and develop youth fishing clubs.

  • To promote, publicize, and recognize the achievement of our participants and coaches.

  • To share or request feedback of schools, coaches, and anglers on state and national rule changes, conservation tips, and news regarding youth fishing. 

  • We strive to provide a voice representing the needs and interests of our coaches, participants, and tournament organizers.

  • To work with and support the mission and vision of the Illinois High School Association and the “Future Fishes Here” initiatives.

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